Shopify 微信(wechat)QQ微博登录App官方正式上线

2018-02-28 点击:8476

WordPress QQ/微博/微信/钉钉/手机登录插件,自发布以来,深受用户喜爱,在短时间内到达1000+安装量和数个5星好评,同时购买企业版的用户也逐步增加。

随着WordPress QQ/微博/微信/钉钉/手机登录插件插件影响力越来越大,很多国外华人用户提出希望我们开发Shopify版本的微信登录,进过近3个月的开发和准备上架,今天Shopify微信/QQ/微博登录的App终于上线发布了。


只要是使用Shopify的网站,安装Wechat social login for Shopify App即可快速连接8亿中国用户,免费1个月,正式收费也极为便宜。另外考虑到不好申请微信接口,我们还提供长期稳定的代理登录账户供用户使用。

  • Allow customers easily to login in using their Wechat, QQ and Weibo social account
  • Contract-free proxy login is available even without Wechat account
  • Monthly upgrade with more features added in successively

With Social Login, customers can login with their existing social identities. By avoiding existing registration and login procedure which is slow, it's an opportunity for increased customer conversion. WeChat Social Login helps to drive traffic to your website and generate sales from China.


  • Contract-free proxy login
  • Login extension to realize Wechat, QQ and Weibo login with just one click
  • Automated Setup & Installation
  • Increase customer signup & conversions
  • Reduce amount of time to connect with social network
  • User Friendly



  • WordPress QQ/微博/微信/钉钉/手机登录插件
    WordPress QQ/微博/微信/钉钉/手机登录插件


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